Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Time

We now create all the custom wooden signs needed for any wedding
All signs can be changed in color and style to match different themes. 

{Table numbers, not free standing}

{Table numbers, free standing}

{Thank You sign perfect propt for your pictures}

{Bride & Groom, Mr. & Mrs., Your names}

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  1. I dont know what I am going to do when you leave!!! I am absolutely obsessed with your etsy, I found myself looking at it for like 30 minutes straight the other day....(confession). I want to buy everything from you:) I just FINALLY got around to putting those numbers up in Braxtons room and I LOVE them, I want to do some letter or something I think for the next boy. You also remind me of how important it is to remember to keep myself "put together." I find sometimes that weeks go by with me wearing sweats all week, and I forget how great it makes me feel to shower, put a face on, and do my hair. Thank you for reminding me to be a girl and do girly things:):):)